Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally Back in the Sewing Room

Now that the wedding is over, and my house is put back to normal, I have had a chance to get back in the sewing room and I'm quilting the wedding quilt, which, obviously, is late! I'm hoping to have it finished within a month of the wedding at the latest. I plan to have it half quilted by Sunday evening. I'm at not quite a quarter done now, and I've come down with a cold, so I'm not at my most productive right now. I stayed healthy through the wedding though, so I'll deal with the cold now without too much complaining.

I'm quilting spirals with 40 wt King Tut thread on top, and 40 wt Aurifil in the bobbin. I only had one 1000m spool of the Aurifil, and I am sure it won't be enough. Now I'm stuck deciding if I am willing to switch to a different color in the bobbin, or a different weight. I have the same color in 50 wt thread, or I could use another green in 40 wt (backing is green). Of course, I could just buy another spool of 40 wt in the same color, but I've been trying to cut down on purchases for quilting. I can't use same thread top and bottom, because then I'll run short of the top thread, and King Tut is pricy. Decisions, decisions...

I'm also trying to do some spring cleaning, or more like spring flinging. I'm trying to cut our CD collection in half, and as soon as I'm done with that, it's onto the DVD's. I don't plan on cutting our DVD collection by as much, but I do plan on purging some of them. Our DVD cabinet is falling apart, and I'm determined to not replace it. Our two CD cabinets are in good shape, so I figure if I cut the CD collection by half, move the DVD's to slimline CD cases, then I can store both collections in the space of one. I got the idea when DS the Elder moved and threw away all his DVD cases. He had two trashbags full of DVD cases, but all the corresponding DVD's fit into one large CD binder. I don't want to use a CD binder, as I'm pretty particular about keeping movies in alphabetical order, so to add a new one in a binder I'd have to move a bunch of them. Using slimline cases gives me more freedom to alphabetize to my heart's content, but will still take less space. I'll be recycling all of my DVD cases, but I can use the space I'll create by getting rid of the DVD cabinet entirely. I'm ready to simplify my life a bit, and this may be minor, but it's a start.

So that's it around here, trying to get back to normal after months of remodeling and wedding planning. Next big event is DD#3's college graduation in May.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Backyard Wedding

DS the Younger, who was born at home, then schooled at home, has now been married at home!

^DD#3 made this awesome metal sign for the new couple.

^Prepping the ceremony area.

^Working on the reception space.

^Everyone was lending a land getting things ready.

^Green tablecloths got matching green centerpieces, blue tablecloths got blue.

^The sweet tea and lemonade eventually were put out on the bar. Board games were available for anyone who didn't want to dance.

^The groom sticking the cake topper on the cake.

^In lieu of a guest book, guests were invited to "leaf them a tweet".

^Photo timelines were hung along the walls.

^The groom all spruced up!

^The best man literally has the groom's back ;-)

^My four stateside kids. DS the Elder, DD#3, DS the Younger, and DD#2

^The Bride making her way down the stairs.

^ Saying their vows with horrible gusts of wind. Note the maid of honor and the best man holding the arch in place. The veil kept blowing around so much, the bride finally took it off and the maid of honor is holding it.

^Sealed with a kiss, the deed is done! The newest Mr. and Mrs. Rains!

^Their first dance as man and wife. It was sprinkling a little, but I told my new daughter to get used to it, she was a Rains now.

^The twins liked the dancing best of all.

^Weather cleared up before the couple left for their one night honeymoon.

A happy couple on their way!