Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Is in the Air Shopping Spree

I have been trying so hard to keep quilty purchases to a minimum! Well, I blew that in a big way, but everything has a purpose, so I'm not going to fret over it. 

DD#3 is newly engaged. I still haven't managed to make DS the elder's wedding quilt, but I'll just use DD#3's wedding quilt as the leader/ender for his. I bought the fabrics for DD#3's quilt, but I'll add a couple from stash.

I'll be adding in a couple of lighter shades, but she wants the quilt pretty dark, and all jewel tones. 

This is the pattern I'm planning for those fabrics. It's a radiant nine patch.

One of my niece's just got married in December. I had no heads up on that one. She did a funky urban wedding photo shoot, and it gave me an idea for a modern quilt for her. I found this fat quarter bundle that will be great for it.

Another of my niece's just announced her engagement, and after talking with her, I decided on a bargello quilt, and I found the fabrics for her quilt as well.

She wanted green and red, and I was trying to avoid it looking too Christmas-y. Hopefully when it's done I'll be happy with it. This will be my first bargello quilt, and I picked an easy version of one.

I now have a pretty full quilting schedule for 2017, and I STILL haven't finished the quilt I was working on! It's been crazy around here, and right now DS the Elder is visiting with his wife and son, so it's extra busy. Meals for 13 take a lot of time!

I plan on sewing DS the Elder and DD#3's wedding quilts as leaders/enders for each other, and I'll likely do the same for my two niece's quilts. I'm not sure how well a bargello will work as a leader/ender, but the modern quilt will be a good one to use as a leader/ender project. 

DH is still hoping I get a quilt made for our bed soon, but we'll have to see how things go. One of our close friends just got married too, so five wedding quilts, plus a quilt for our bed is a LOT! I'm thinking I'll have more sewing time the second half of this year, but for now, it's hard to come by. In some ways, it's not bad that three of the couples got married with no notice. Since they are already married, the quilt is already late, and in that case the pressure is off a bit. In cases like that, I usually aim for the second anniversary. 

I know it's been a month since I blogged, but what a month it's been! Our furnace broke, and even here in Southern Arizona, the house temp was down to 48F. Our furnace and air conditioner unit were both old, so we had them both replaced, but now we need to replace the ductwork too. We're still waiting on estimates for that job. 

As if that wasn't enough going on, our washing machine broke too, but thankfully it was still under warranty. Our washing machine has probably done more laundry in the last four years than most people's ever do. I can't really complain about the washer having parts wear out. 

That's some of what's been going on in my life. It certainly hasn't been boring!