Friday, August 28, 2009

Back from SA

Now that I am back from South Africa (got back Sunday), and somewhat recovered from jet lag, it's time to update my blog. I am so thankful I had the chance to go out there, and help out with my first grandchild! Zak is such a cutie and a great snuggler to boot. DD#1 and DSIL#1 made me so welcome; it was a lovely trip.

These pictures are not in the order I wanted to upload, but I am not with it enough to redo it. I did go to a fabric shop, and bought 3 meters of each of these so I could make DH scrub tops out of them. The last time I went to SA, everyone was shocked I came home with no fabric, and the people in the ER were disappointed DH wouldn't have any African scrub tops. Hopefully, this will appease everyone involved. Next time I go there, my goal is to go to a quilting specific shop, which I know they have. I was surprised I had the opportunity to get to any fabric shop, with a newborn in the mix, and my daughter recovering from a c-section, so I'm thankful I got to buy any fabric.

While I was in SA, DD#1 mentioned she would like to change the colors in her bedroom, and asked if I could make another quilt for them. She asked for green, blue, and brown, and while shopping for some fabric for another project, I came across these in just that color combination. I won't have any time to start their new quilt until next year, I am booked between now and Christmas, but I decided to get these while I could find the right colors. I'm sure I will supplement from my stash, and probably buy a few more pieces, but this is a good start. Now DD#1 just has to pick a pattern, but she has plenty of time.

Here is the new and improved family! Zak was kept wrapped in blankets since it is winter there, and they don't have central heat. Most of the time Zak had a hat on, but for these pics it was off.

The quilts I made for Zak are too large to use in a bassinet, which I knew, but I did take a couple of pics with him on his quilts from Nana. This is the flannel quilt I made him.

Here is Zak is on the cat quilt. These quilts are a great size for the crib and even dragging around for naptime when he's in a bed. I prefer larger baby blankets, so they can still be using it when they are five or so. I'm sure he'll end up with a new quilt before then, but just in case I fall behind in my quilting, these will work for a while.


Roslyn said...

Your wee Zak is a keeper, Melodie! And boy do I LOVE your African fabric-I have been collecting African fabric for a quilt, when our Mission team goes to Africa they sometimes bring some back. So please put me in for your drawing!

Leni B. said...

Melodie the Quilts are very nice but that Boy is precious to bad there are so far away for you to get your squshes in