Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Finished Something!!!

It may not be that exciting, but 12 yards are out of the stash and 42 rally bags are finished! DH wanted more than that, but there are a few left from last year so there should be enough. If we need more we'll come up with something. I had these two six yard pieces of very lightweight corduroy I wanted to use up, and they were western themed and so is the rally, so that's how I decided what the rally bags would look like this year. I had fun getting to know the Rocketeer while I was sewing up the bags. It sews very well, and having a straight stitch plate and a zig zag plate are very handy. Made me think I should get a staight stitch plate for the Bernina too.

After all my ramblings about ebay shopping, I did indeed buy a Singer 301 on ebay. I paid right what I was hoping to get one for, and the machine arrived Saturday. It was packed very professionally, with styrofoam cut to fit the machine, and nothing could rattle at all. I need to vacuum off the little styrofoam bits and see about getting it going this week to test it out. It looks to be in great shape, but I've been too busy to get it out and sew with it. I am hopeful it will work as well as was advertised to, since the seller accurately described the cosmetic condition and packed it so well. I'll post pics later this week, and let you know how the test sew went.

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Stephanie Newman said...

Straight stitch plates are fabulous inventions for any sewing machine!
Well worth the investment.
Your Rocketeer has cool design lines, and its fun to see these old vintage machines up and running, so many decades after they were made.