Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Few a Few CC's More 3 Scooter Rally Quilt

I said I'd post a photo as soon as the rally quilt was done, but I didn't. I finished it Saturday the 20th, and it will be raffled off this Saturday the 27th.  It is, however, finished, and that is the important thing.

I was debating between dark green binding and the burgundy, and obviously I chose the burgundy. I decided I wanted it to blend in more than stand out. There are several details in the quilting you can see in this photo, so now for the closeups.


I micro-stippled behind the applique to make the applique stand out more. It's amazing how much thread that uses. I went through two bobbins on each side of the applique border, so eight bobbins total.


In between each scooter pulled stagecoach, I quilted in a Saguaro cactus. I thought they came out pretty well.


In each corner of the applique border I quilted in the rally logo. It is a "brand" design to go with the western theme. The rally patches all have the same design on them.


This view gives you a glimpse of some of the texture in the quilt. Of course, you can also see one of my quilt inspectors checking it out too ;-)

I did go thrift store shopping and hit a dead end on looking for a cutting table. I finally found a counter height kitchen table online, and it should be here on Friday. I am so glad I found a table the correct height, and that I won't have to use risers. I think it will be a bit more stable. I've started moving my sewing room around a bit, and I'll do more a bit at a time. I won't be able to finish until the end of May, but there is a lot to move, so a little along is probably my best bet anyway.

Oh, I finished quilting one of the quilts I've had pin-basted since Christmas too. I have the Juki all threaded to quilt another one too. I can get my pins back and pin-baste a couple quilts I plan to use as gifts. It may have taken me until April to get my first quilt finish of 2013, but I'm hoping my numbers climb quickly through the summer, as I have a bunch of quilts just needing quilting and binding.

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