Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Change of Plans

If all had gone according to plan, I'd be in Massachusetts with my parents, but we were flying standby, and the weather was bad, so...... I'm back at home instead. We're going to buy tickets to go visit this fall, we're debating September or October, but I think it will be October, after another wedding in our backyard!

Since we ended up coming home instead of traveling, I had a chance to start quilt DS the Elder's quilt, and it's over halfway quilted. We ended up with DD#2 and DSIL coming down to visit this weekend, and we had a good time with them. DSIL replaced the broken ceiling fan in our bedroom with the one I bought that has a remote control. I am really liking that! Too hot or cold in the middle of the night? Use the remote to change the fan speed; very, very convenient!

I had done a couple of last minute projects I hadn't shown on here, and since we won't be going to New England for months now, I'll go ahead and show them now, lest I forget to ever show them.

I went through my orphan block box and grabbed some 6" or smaller blocks, and made some mug rugs out of them. It helped clean out my orphan box a bit, and now I've got some quick gifts made up.
One day I was really stressed out, mostly because of my massive to-do list. It may not make much sense, but my way of dealing with the stress, was to blow off doing anything that needed to be done, and have a play day. I had a bunch of two color HST's that were cutoff's from another quilt. I trimmed them all to 1.75" a long time ago, and they've just been sitting in a Ziploc bag. I didn't know how many there were, nor did I really care. I started playing with them and making some 16 patches. I started out making two of each block, then I started doing color opposite blocks, then I decided to make the rest of the blocks all different. No plan, no counting, just playing. Well, I ended up with 20 blocks, and no HST's left over, so I must have had 320 of them originally. I decided it wouldn't really take that long to make the blocks into a lap quilt, so I got the top done the same day I was working on the blocks, and I quilted it a couple days later.
Here is my play day quilt, made with no planning at all. I think it's pretty cute, and it was really stress relieving to just play with some fabric. It's my second finish of 2014, but a bunch of finishes will be coming shortly. I hope to finish DS the Elder's quilt this weekend. 

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phxquilt said...

Great leftovers...both the sampler blocks and orphans! Sorry about your trip. Sometimes non-reving is very stressful too.