Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Doll quilt for Christmas

I had a little time for sewing today, so I finished up some potholders for a Christmas gift, and this little doll quilt for Miss S. The doll quilt is 19" square, and the scrappy parts are the ends of strips of 30's repro prints from which I cut the Dresden Plates. It's pretty fun making small stuff from time to time, you can get several finishes in a day. I spend so much time making HUGE quilts, that just knocking out a couple small things is quite a change.
I haven't sewn any more on the mystery quilt, but I did finish drawing the lines for step 2, so that is helpful. Tomorrow I should have some sewing time after grocery shopping. I plan on just working on the mystery quilt tomorrow. Yeah, I still have the other superhero capes to make, but they aren't for Christmas, and I've been good at getting my Christmas stuff done, so I think I deserve a play day to work on the mystery quilt. Well, deserve one or not, I'm taking one, we'll just call it a mental health day.

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