Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I realized that a lot of what I'm working on these days, can't be shown for a while. The wedding quilt is over 3/4 quilted, and I plan on finishing it this week. If that happens, I will be gifting it at the bridal shower on the 24th, so I can show it after it's been given.

After I finish the wedding quilt, I have some things that need to be altered, and then it's onto making Christmas gifts, which of course can't be shown. Well, actually, I guess I can show the things going to South Africa, because I ran all those by DD#1. I don't want to mail things she doesn't want. International postage is expensive.

I always try to be an early Christmas shopper. I know that annoys some people, but there are 23 people on my Christmas list, and waiting until the last minute just isn't going to cut it. I wanted to spend less on Christmas this year, so I came up with one gift per person to purchase, then I will be making a few things. I am almost done with my shopping list, which really thrills me. I still have DH to buy for, and DS the Elder, but DH is in charge of him. Deciding what I wanted to get everyone first helped a lot, and with presents for five people being sent international, I have to mail in the next couple weeks if they have any chance of getting their Christmas presents on time, so for those five people, I'm not actually shopping early.

I did buy a few things for myself on my shopping spree. I ordered a new outfit for the upcoming wedding, and a couple other clothing items. I also picked up some fun stuff today. My year of no-buy is actually over, since I started mid-year last year. I'm still limiting my fabric purchases, but I decided if I find some fabric at a thrift store that's a great deal and I like it, I'm going to get it. So, today at Savers, here was my haul.

From left to right, there are about 2 yards of green, 2 yards of cream, 1 yard of striped fabric, 1 yard each of two flannels, 2 yards of checked fabric, and 1 yard of blue sunflower fabric. Ten yards of 100% cotton fabric, but that's not all!

I went to the section where they have bags of scraps, and I found one bag of Moda fat quarters. Sixteen fat quarters for $2.99. Altogether I got 14 yards of fabric for $17. Yeah, I am definitely not feeling any guilt about these purchases!

Thrift stores and antique stores are the only shopping I really enjoy doing. I am really excited, because at the end of this month, after the shower, DH and I are going away for a few days to Flagstaff, AZ. One of the reasons I like going to Flagstaff is because they have some great thrift stores and antique stores. I feel no compulsion to buy in any store I enter, but if I can find a few great deals, like 14 yards of fabric for $17, I'm all over that. Last time we went to Flagstaff I bought a vintage sewing machine for $10. I'm anxious to go treasure hunting, spend some quality time with DH, and shed some of the stress that's been piling up with so much going on.

DH and I have taken several trips where I take a sewing machine, and he takes his scooter. He decided it's already cooler in Flagstaff than he'd like to ride in, so I'm not bringing a sewing machine either. He's bringing his Zentangle stuff, and I'm bringing my kindle so I can read, and some squares to draw lines on for flip and sew corners. Our hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub, and we'll do some shopping, but mostly low key relaxing. I have 8 days to wait until we leave, but I'm sure looking forward to it!

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Katie M. said...

Nice find at Savers! I've only been able to find actual cotton fabric at Savers once and I snagged it, too... but... I usually come out of there with a couple cotton sheets that I use for backing and I once came across several white cotton sheets that I cut up for making machine embroidered blocks.... Love a good thrift store too.....