Thursday, February 11, 2016

First Finishes of 2016

I sewed bindings on two quilts today, so I now have two finishes for this year! Granted, they are both baby quilts, but they are two of my eight deadline quilts for this year.

This one I've showed before, but now it's finished.

The colors on the front were inspired by this funky vintage fabric I backed it with. I picked up the vintage fabric a couple years ago at a thrift store, and knew a pyramid quilt was what it was meant for. I cut too many triangles, and I have just a little of the vintage fabric left, so I think I'm going to cut the vintage leftovers into more triangles, and make a bonus quilt to use up all of that fabric.  I might have enough triangles to make another baby quilt.

The other baby quilt I finished is this one. These are for different babies.

Isn't it adorable? The pattern can be purchased here, since I know someone is going to ask me where it originated. Not my design, but it's soooo cute! Mine isn't exactly the same, since I used stash for both quilts. The only purchase I made was for the backing of the Fox and Friends quilt.

This fabric was too perfect for the backing, so I bought it, but at least I used it immediately.

Now I have several other baby things to make, like a stack of burp rags and some swaddling blankets, so quilting will take a back seat for a little while. I need to get all the baby stuff done before the shower on the 27th. The shower was originally going to be at our house, but the baby was in a hurry, so arrived 8 weeks early! He's doing great, so all is well on that front, but he'll be in the hospital for a while. Now the shower will be at DD#2's house, which is much closer to the hospital.

Here's a pic of the new baby, breathing on his own, and doing great for being so early. He's a "grandbaby" of the heart, not blood or legally related, but family all the same.

It feels good to finish something, and I'll be very happy when all the baby stuff is done. We have out of town company coming the 20th, so I really need to have all the baby stuff done by then. The company will be here all the time up to the shower, so I need to get to work on that.

Oh, I only have about ten more blocks to make on the mystery quilts, before I start piecing the setting triangles!!! I'd like to get those into quilt tops fairly soon. I decided to use the brights version of the mystery quilt as one of my deadline quilts, so at least that one will get finished this year. If I can get the shirts version into a top this year, I'll consider that a win.


katie z. said...

I love your triangles quilting.

angelindisguise said...

those foxes are the cutest thing ever!!