Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Potholders, Weddings, and LOTS of Moving

I know it's a weird title, but it is exactly what's going on in my life right now! I've been working on potholders for a bridal shower that will be this coming Sunday.

Here is a shot of the fronts and backs of the potholders I'm making. Potholders as a shower prize may be a bit odd, but it suits the theme we are using. It's a pinup/50's housewife party!

The oddest thing about the shower isn't the prizes or the theme. The oddest thing is the fact that the bridal shower is occurring after the wedding! We weren't sure of the date of the wedding, but we knew about when it was happening and planned the shower close to the time of the wedding, we just guessed too late.

DD#3 is now married, and currently relocating to their new house. The closing on the house they bought was what was determining the wedding date, so it was a bit up in the air.

Here is the new family on their wedding day! This photo is good, but my favorite is the next one.

I just love the way Mr. L is looking at his stepdad, and father/son feel of it. The girls are looking ahead doing what they are supposed to be doing, but the boys have their own thing going on!

We've got all of the twins stuff moved to the new house, but DD#3 still has quite a bit here. By the end of the week, it will be moved too.

AND there is more moving going on, because DD#1 and her family are moving out this weekend! So while I am getting ready for a bridal shower, they will be moving out too.

While the house is as empty as it's going to be, we are getting new carpet installed next week, so I'll be moving everything around that's left in the house to allow new flooring to be put in eight rooms and two hallways. I have to move my stuff around both before and after the new flooring is done, then my DDIL moves in with her two dogs while DS the Younger is deployed. Within two weeks, we go from a household of ten people and a cat, to a household of three people and two dogs! Did I mention LOTS of moving?

DH and I drove up to Phoenix today to get a dining room set that DD#2 has been saving for DD#1's family. We managed to get some baby snuggles while we were there.

Mr. LJ is growing by leaps and bounds, five months old already!

My MIL just moved too, and we need to get a few things that she's passing to us out of her way. Isn't that the way family should work, everyone passing things around as people need them? So much going on, but quieter days are on the horizon, they just aren't here quite yet!

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