Friday, May 12, 2017

Looking Up

Things are starting to look up around here! I am still not all the way well, but better than last week. I've been working on getting the house organized as I have energy. I finished the living room today, so one room is done! 

The corner of the living room that had DH's office shoved into it is now open and airy. My grandmother's treadle is in the corner next to the quilt rack.

My wall of fabric is now a corner of fabric in the family room. These are Billy bookshelves from Ikea, and I bought one extra set of shelves and some corner hardware, and now all my quilting books are with the fabric. The family room is becoming a family room once again, though it's had many purposes over the years. DS the Younger and DDIL put together a new TV stand for me in here, and instead of standard furniture, I ordered Fuf bean bag style couches for in here. The grandkids should love it! They don't arrive until next week.

The storage room is coming along. My plastic drawers with fat quarter to one yard pieces ended up in here for now. My vintage machines are in here now too, except for the treadles. I have several more things to move into here, but I'm moving slowly these days. I'm glad this room got painted before the carpet went in. I was really tired of it being blue and purple. 

My bedroom is almost back to normal, which is great! My kitchen is a disaster area, and that I hope to tackle next week. Tomorrow I'm hoping to work in the guest room and kids guest room. The twin sized beds for the kids guest room arrived today, and I bought sheets and pillows for those beds today. If I can sweet talk DS the Younger into assembling the bed frames for me, I can make those beds, and have that room looking like a real room again. 

I've been sorting out what things I needed to buy after the mass exodus, and it's a lot, but I have a handle on it now. I'm trying hard not to overbuy, but still have the guest rooms be practical. I opted to not buy any dressers, I don't see why a short term guest would need one, but I did make sure I have lamps, linens, and towels for anyone who comes to stay. My walls are pretty barren, and I might look for something to put on the walls in the adult guest room at least. All in all, I've successfully repurposed a lot of things, and I've managed to purchase what we needed for less than we allotted for it, so I'm happy. I doubt I'll be sewing for a couple weeks yet, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Sewing time is coming! 


phxquilt said...

Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like even sick you can run rings around most folks. What about quilts for the walls in the guest room.

Katie M. said...

instead of dressers in guests rooms, how about some storage trunks / bins? A place you have for storage but it helps your guests have their luggage off the floor. A simple large plastic bin could be covered with a quilt to 'dress' the room...
Glad you're improving and hope you will soon be fully recovered.