Friday, September 19, 2008

Denim lap quilts

   This was my rushed denim quilt project. I only used about a third of my 6" denim squares in these two quilts, and I haven't used any of my 4" squares in years! I used different layouts to make it more interesting for me, and to balance which shades of blue I had. I am always so amazed how different denim quilts can look, even though it's all just blue jeans. Lots of our old jeans end up in my denim square boxes. I've been keeping up with the cutting them up, but not with the sewing them up. The back of both of these quilts is a red bandana fabric. I bought a whole bolt of that, and denim and bandanas just seem to go together.
    I didn't end up sewing at all today. I did get my fabric numbered for the quilts I'm wanting to get started. The pattern is reminiscent of Celtic knots, and I really need to keep my blocks straight or my knots won't connect right.

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maria said...

You must have made someone happy with those beautiful denim quilts.