Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Two more scrub tops are finished for DH, so I am done scrub tops for now. This is the one I finished today. It SO reminds me of the Travelocity commercials with the traveling gnome. The other I can't show because it's to go under the Christmas tree ;-)

I got another quilt pin basted, and I have another layered on the kitchen table so I can baste it in the morning. The one on the table is the one I will quilt first. If I get the basting done quickly enough, I may start quilting it tomorrow. It is for my DSIL in South Africa, and it needs to be mailed soon to have any chance of getting there for Christmas. I won't be showing any pics of it until he gets it. I am going to meander on DSIL's quilt, but I have some other things planned for the other three quilts that are pin basted.

Tomorrow should be a busy day. DD#3 has an ultrasound scheduled and I get to go! I'll get to see the twins for myself, and I'm so excited. I've already heard their heartbeats a couple times. Tomorrow night I am supposed to make pumpkin pancakes for my boys. We were talking about them the other day, and decided on Wednesday night.

On the remodeling front, the tub is in, so it's starting to look like a bathroom again :-) The man doing the remodeling is out of town for the next week, so that's how it will look for a while. Everything is in now, we picked up the flooring and the vanity top, so hopefully things will go together quickly when M. gets back.

Oh, my no-buy challenge is over, and although I never went a quarter without buying any fabric, I did reduce my buying significantly. (I had to pay a penalty for that gnome fabric, and all the other fabrics I used for DH's scrub tops) I'm not joining any challenges for this coming year, because next year will probably be so crazy. I have no idea how much time I will have to sew with seven people in the house again, especially considering two of them will be twin babies. I should have plenty of incentive not to buy, since my sewing room is so crowded right now. Unless I will be using it immediately, I doubt I'll be tempted to buy that much. I still have to empty out the room that will be the nursery, and the cabinet with all my scrub fabric is in there. I am going to have to find room for all of that fabric in the sewing room, and that will be an adventure! At least DD#3 wants to keep the cabinet in the nursery, to use for the twins things, I would have hated to try to find room for that somewhere.

The baby I babysit for will be turning one on Friday! I can't believe he's already one. I will watch him Friday, then go to his birthday party that night. DH will be at scooter rally again, so he won't be going with me. Now, if I can just manage to pick up the baby a present between now and Friday...

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