Thursday, August 2, 2012

Five More Finishes

I have been babysitting a lot, but I still got quite a bit done over the weekend. I finished quilting the last of the pin-basted quilts, and got all five bound and finished. Machine sewn bindings really go much faster, and I think they hold up better in the wash.

Pastels aren't really my thing, but this quilt grew on me as I quilted it. It has some simple crosshatching in the center, and meandering in the border.

I had this quilted a month ago, but I knew it needed orange binding, and I didn't have any made. Thanks to my mom sending me a box of binding, it is now finished. This one is quilted with free motion flames.

 This is the same pattern as the first quilt, but this one is made with men's shirts. I quilted it the same as the first one too.

 This is made from the scraps of the quilt that is on my bed. I didn't do all the extra sewing and put black sashing between all the pieces on this one. Besides a few misc. scraps in my scrap user system, this is the rest of the fabric I bought in Hawaii. This one has a large meander all over it. I found a large meander harder to do than a smaller one.

This was my first attempt at a disappearing four patch. I've made one since I started this one that was finished long ago, but this one was languishing. Now it's finished and ready to be loved. It is quilted with a combination of SITD quilting and free motion pumpkin seed designs. The border is straight stitched framed at 1" intervals, which I find I really like. I'll be doing that again.

I have seven more quilt tops ready for quilting. I have had very little time for sewing this week, I've been babysitting every day but I did manage to get backings sewn for six of those quilts. I have a 60" wide piece of fabric that should work for the seventh quilt, so as soon as I have time, I will be ready for a pin-basting marathon. 

I think I am going to interrupt my quilting spree and sew up a dress for Miss S that I cut out a couple months ago. If I don't sew it soon she'll outgrow it before it's finished. If I have any sewing time tomorrow that is what I will work on.

My husband's grandmother passed away this morning, she was a lovely Godly woman, and she'll be missed. I am so glad I had the chance to know her on this earth, and we shall meet again on the other side.

We will be leaving town for the funeral, but we won't be gone long. We have to get back for DD#3's surgery next week. She's having her tonsils out! I'm sure the twins will not understand why Mama won't be feeling well, but we'll all get through that too. I'll be doing all the childcare for a few days, of the twins and the kids I usually babysit, so likely the next couple posts will not be quilt related, but may be kid related :-)

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