Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Actually Sewed!!!!

I actually got to sew for an hour or so yesterday! I didn't get very much done, as I was having a hard time with buttonholes. I've only made a couple buttonholes with my Aurora, and I keep doing something wrong. It is absolutely user error, and nothing wrong with the machine. I need to go back to the shop I purchased it at and get a refresher course on making buttonholes. Well, actually, I could likely just look it up on Youtube, but since I got the two buttonholes I needed finished, I'll likely wait until next time. If I made buttonholes more often I wouldn't keep forgetting how to do it!

I have the yoke on Miss S's dress finished, and time-wise, that is likely almost half the time I needed to make the dress. Everything else should be fairly quick, but the yoke was fiddly. There is some gathering to do on the sleeves and ruffle, but other than that it will just be straight seams.  I am hoping to finish the dress this weekend (before she outgrows it!), but my calendar is filling up quickly. Two of the girls want me to give them haircuts, and there is plenty of housework to waylay my plans, but I am determined to get that dress finished while it's still hot outside, and she still fits in it.

Today I had planned to sew a little, but it worked out that I had no children in the house for a while so I pin-basted a quilt instead. It is really hard to have the kitchen table free long enough to get a quilt basted, so I seized the opportunity.

 DD#3 started back to college this week and right now is very excited about her classes. DDIL has her knee surgery September 6th, so things will be really crazy for a month or so after that. Busy, busy, time for all of us, but I am going to find bits of time to sew for my sanity's sake! I can do this!

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