Thursday, July 11, 2013

California Dreaming

DH and I are back from vacation, and we had a wonderful time! I'll try not to bore you with too many details, and I'll break it up into a couple different posts, but I know a couple people are watching my blog for pics, so here you go!

This was the first hotel after San Diego. It is in Ventura, California, and the location was amazing! DH took this pic from our hotel room door. This was on my birthday, so we stayed at a nicer hotel, and I got to walk the beach, which I loved! I am the beach person, DH is not.

While I was walking the beach, a couple of friends came up to say hello. I'm thinking porpoises, but DH
disagrees. Anyone know enough marine biology to tell from this pic?

One of the lighthouses we stopped at on our trip up Highway 1.


This was also at the lighthouse. I hadn't seen a phone booth in ages. No cell phone service out there, so this one is functional and everything.

In out first apartment there was a wall mural of the Golden Gate Bridge. We were living in El Paso, Texas at the time, so it was an odd subject for whoever had chosen it. I finally got a chance to go over the bridge I looked at every day for the first six months we were married. 

As we were driving along Highway 1, we were surprised to look over and see a herd of zebras! Not your normal sight in the USA at all, and there were no signs indicating why they were there.

We had the opportunity to see a bunch of elephant seals basking in the sun. Some were swimming, and a few juveniles were practicing their moves for future battles. It was fun to watch them.

On our way up Highway 1, we also got to see harbor seals and sea otters. At the Monterey Aquarium, we got to see lots of sea animals, but getting to see some animals in their natural habitat was especially nice.

So many amazing views, and DH took literally hundreds of photos, but here is just a taste of the shoreline portion of our trip.

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quilteddogs said...

If you were near the Hearst Castle (San Simeon/San Luis Obispo area), then the zebras probably belonged to the Hearst estate.