Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a Wedding!

Sunday was Harmony's (DD#2) wedding! The weather was cool, but not as cold as we feared.

My niece is a licensed hair dresser, and she graciously agreed to do Harmony's hair for the wedding. Doesn't it look great?

We think she looked like a princess. That cape I made her worked pretty well with her dress.

Abigail (DD#3) was the maid of honor and Serenity (Miss S) was the flower girl. 

Here is DH walking Harmony down the aisle in the orange grove.

The couple praying together before the vows.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bates!

Lucius (who was the ring bearer) and Serenity celebrating with their lollipops.

Me with my men. From left to right, Nathan (DS the Elder), me, Howard (DH), and Joshua (DS the Younger)

My future DDIL, Mia, with Joshua. Their wedding is in March. It will be in our backyard, which is now completely remodeled.

 The newlyweds stopped by today to pick up the wedding gifts and get the last few things of Harmony's that were still here. The twins loved showing them our "new grass" which is the artificial turf that went in yesterday.

It's been crazy busy around here, and now that wedding number 1 is over, I suppose I should try thinking about Christmas?


I do not often use my kids names in my blog. There are several reasons for that. One is I try to respect their privacy. Two is I have often seen people make nasty comments on blogs (not on mine, only nice people follow mine ;-), and I do not want to put my kids up for that type of cyber-bullying. The most basic reason is simple. We have a large family, and even people who know us in person get the kids mixed up. By using numbers, it is actually easier to follow along with what's going on. When big events happen, I tend to break my own rules and use real names. I've been criticized multiple times for not using their names, and I felt it was time to finally explain why I do what I do.



Katie M. said...

Gorgeous bride! Thank you so much for sharing your family occasion. As for use of names, I totally understand. My son has asked that I not post his children's pictures on the internet which I will, of course, honor. Also. love the artificial turf in your back yard. Do you mind my asking where you purchased it from? My son has an area in his yard he wants to use turf in... Thanks again for sharing.

Stephanie Newman said...

Thanks for the wedding blog. What a happy day it must have been for everyone, you can easily tell the love between the couple from the photos.

As for names online, I never understand other people criticising people they often don't even know or have never met about their choices to expose or not, their family to the internet. It is and always should be the choice of the blogger and their family and friends exactly how people are referred to.