Friday, November 29, 2013

Some Non-Quilty Sewing

Since DD#2's wedding is in nine days, I decided it was time to get the wedding sewing out of the way.

I needed to make a ring bearer pillow, so here it is. I put an elastic loop on the bottom, and I think we are going to slip it on Mr. L's wrist like a wrist corsage. The twins are not yet three, so young to be flower girl and ring bearer.  I'm not sure how well they'll go down the aisle, but they'll be cute at any rate.

The weather finally turned cool. It was downright cold for a few days, which sent DD#2 into panic mode. The wedding is outside, and in December, that is risky, even in southern Arizona. I bought some white and blue fabrics and made a cape for DD#2, just in case she gets too cold. I'm sure she won't wear it during the ceremony, but it may come in handy in between photos.

A couple of the bridemaids dresses needed some minor alterations that I could handle, so I got that done too. Any major alterations I let the experts handle. I just don't have the tailoring skills necessary to redo a dress.

I have half the place cards done. My calligraphy skills are rusty, but they'll do. I realized after I started I could have done them all on the computer, but I actually think it would have taken longer to do them on the computer than hand-writing them.

Thanksgiving was a pretty quiet affair. We had eleven people for dinner, which is a very small group around here! The weather was amazing, so we put up a couple tables outside, and ate out there. The artificial turf goes in the day after the wedding, and I can't wait for the yard to be finished!

Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery started today, but I finally decided I just can't do it this year. With one kid getting married in nine days, and another getting married in March, along with all the regular holiday madness, my plate is full! I will watch the clues as they come out. I saw the first clue, and I was happy I am making the same units for DS the Younger's wedding quilt, so I can feel kind of like I'm playing along.

DD#2 moved her things to Phoenix this past week, so I will be turning her room into a guest room. I'm taking over her walk-in closet too, moving my vintage machines to one location instead of all over the house, and I'll store batting and non-quilting fabric in there. I'm moving a couple cabinets out of my sewing room, which should give me enough room to set up another sewing station. I really love having a different project going on each machine. Does that make me crazy?

I'm thinking the next week won't be conducive to getting much sewing done. I'm going to work on moving things around in my sewing room instead, as I have time. I'm sure I'll have other things to get done for the wedding, but I knocked several things off my to do list today, so I'm happy!

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