Friday, November 22, 2013

Rorange, Blurple, and Brellow

I have actually sewn a little this week. I have been piecing on DS the Younger's wedding quilt. I haven't had a ton of time to sew, but it's a start.

I have been thinking a lot about color as I've been cutting and sewing. I had several browns I planned on using in DS the Younger's quilt, but when I was in cutting mode, I realized the browns were too green. Since his wedding quilt is a brown and green quilt, I need good contrast between the browns and greens. Some of those I had planned to use ended up back on the shelves, stashed for another project.

I was cutting for another color controlled quilt, that has both blue and green in it. Some fabrics are just so in between blue and green, that you just aren't sure where to put them, and if you use them, will the overall design disappear?

In Lisa Boyer's book, Stash Envy, she talks about those in between colors, like rorange, blurple, and brellow. Sometimes an in between color is exactly what you need, and they add just the perfect touch to a quilt. Lately, I've been doing so many color controlled things, that the in between colors can be difficult. If I am doing a two color quilt, say green and white, I will use every shade of green I can in it. I go from the really yellowy greens, pastel greens, to the darkest greens going towards black, as well as the blueish greens and everything greenish goes.

This is a green string quilt I made three years ago. All the greens are in there.

This is a green and cream quilt I made the same year. I love how all the different greens play together and create a sparkly effect.

I really love scrappy quilts best, and almost all of my quilts are at least multi-fabric quilts, whether or not they are from true "scraps". Why use one green when you can use 40 or 80?

This wedding quilt I'm working on I really had to pay attention to the color, since a lot of greens run to brown, and a lot of browns run to green. I need the colors to contrast, so I had to be much pickier than I normally am.

I am piecing the wedding quilt on my jazzed up Singer 301. Very fun to sew on it! 

I realized I told my mom a while back I'd post some pics of the twins from their vintage photo shoot and I never did. Here is your daily dose of cuteness!

BTW, if you have never read of of Lisa Boyer's books about quilting, like Stash Envy, check them out, she is hilarious!

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