Friday, April 18, 2014

Circle of Life- Fabric Edition

The above fabric and selvage demonstrates one of the reasons I love quilting! There always seems to be so much connectivity through quilts. I have spent whatever spare time I've had this week cutting out quilts for my grandsons. I plan on using their quilts as leader/enders for the wedding quilt I just started. I am making a fishbowl quilt for my oldest grandson, Zak. I had originally chosen a black for the shelves the fishbowl will sit on, but I didn't have quite enough. I found this gray, and it has a wood grain look to it, and I had just the right amount of it.

When I pressed the fabric, I realized this piece was from DH's grandmother's stash. She passed away a couple years ago, and my MIL brought me most of her remaining stash. I've used her fabrics in multiple quilts already, and I think she'd be pleased they are being used. I thought for her fabric to end up in Zak's quilt was especially fitting, since he is her great, great grandson.

When I cut off the selvage, I noticed the date of manufacture. 1988, the year DD#1, Zak's mother, was born. So, Zak will have a fabric purchased by his great, great, grandmother, transported by his great grandmother, to his grandmother (me), which was manufactured in the year his mother was born,  sewn into a quilt for him! Yes, indeed, I love things like this!

I haven't sewn since I finished the blocks for DS the Elder's quilt. I'm just cutting right now, so I have several projects ready to go.

Oh, DD#1 is expecting again, and if it's a girl, she'd like a coral/teal color scheme. My stash is low on those colors, but guess whose stash wasn't? Granny may be helping me with fabrics again ;-)

This weekend promises to be busy, with plans to go to the county fair on Saturday, and then all the Easter festivities on Sunday. I'm happy to be reminded all Jesus sacrificed for me.

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