Friday, April 11, 2014

Done the Quilting!

Here is the back of DS the Younger's wedding quilt. It took over 2 miles of thread just to quilt this monster, no wonder it took longer than I anticipated! Well, not to mention I've had next to no time to sew. I hope to get the binding on tomorrow, then I'll take a good pic of the front.

Let's see, it's been a couple weeks since I posted. DH and celebrated our 30th anniversary. We hoped to catch a flight to South Dakota, but that didn't work out, so we ended up going to California for the weekend. It was great and we had a hotel right on the beach. The only downside was that we had packed for South Dakota and not the beach! We even got to feel an earthquake and made our anniversary even more memorable.

One of the reasons I hadn't posted, is my laptop was dying, and I just bought a new one to replace it. My old one had Windows Vista, obviously old, and this new one has Windows 8 and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it! So far I can't even find the calculator. I had wanted to wait until May to buy a new laptop, as there are usually great sales around graduation time, but I was afraid my old one would die completely before I had a chance to get the photos and quilts I've designed off it. I've only had this new computer a couple of days, and I did manage to get EQ7 loaded onto it, but I have yet to try transferring data from my old laptop to my new one. If I don't get around to doing it before Easter, I could probably get my computer savvy son-in-law to do it, but I'd like to try doing it myself first. I love what technology can do, but I hate changing systems, and struggling to reload information.

Things have been crazy around here. All of the remodeling is done for now, two weddings are done, and life should be settling down a bit. I know financially we could surely use things to calm down. That didn't happen this week though. I bought a new laptop, our car battery died and we needed to replace it, Miss S's bed broke, but thankfully, DH was able to repair it. The next thing on our list is to replace the ceiling fan in our bedroom, since the switch broke, and with summer pretty much here in Southern Arizona, we need a working ceiling fan in the bedroom. Things tend to come in groups, and I'm hoping we're about at the end of all of this, and can maybe look forward to an uneventful summer? We're already looking at several big things happening in the fall, so an uneventful summer sounds perfect!

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