Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Finishes!

It's been busy around here. We had a houseful of company for over a week, And DH took 10 days off of work, but now everything is back to normal.

Before my company arrived, I finished Mr. J's quilt.

All of the novelty fabrics are things with wheels, and the border fabric black chevrons? Tire tracks! There are two squares with each novelty fabric, so he will be able to do a matching game with the quilt. Mr. J's birthday is coming up next week, and he'll be two.

Yesterday I finished the quilt for the grandbaby on the way!

It was feeling like a modern quilt to me, so I skipped a border entirely, and just opted for a gray binding. The fishbowl quilt and these two quilts now need to be packed up and shipped to South Africa. Baby will come mid-September, and international mail is not the speediest, so I need to get these on the way.
I finished another baby quilt today, and I hope to finish another baby quilt tomorrow. So many babies on the way!!!
After the baby quilts are finished, I'll be back to wedding quilts. I need to assemble the wedding quilt for the October wedding, and for the December wedding, I've completely changed my mind. I was going to make a quilt of my own design for the December wedding, but since it's not even cut out, and I have other projects I'd like to work on, I decided to just finish a UFO for that wedding gift instead. The UFO I decided to use, has all the blocks and sashing pieced, and just needs to be assembled and quilted.
I knew I'd have a bunch of finishes right in a row, because of how I was working. I'm up to seven finishes for 2014, with hopefully another finish tomorrow. I need three more finishes for gifts this year (including the baby quilt I'm working on tomorrow), so I'm sure have at least ten finishes for the year. I have several other projects I'd like to work on this year, so depending on time availability, I may have several more than that. I am happy with my yearly progress to date.

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