Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilts for Baby Girls

I know several people pregnant right now, and a couple are having baby girls. I finished two baby girl quilts in the past few days.

I took these pics outside hoping the colors showed more true, but these are way off. They all have a blue cast that isn't there in person, and the inner border and binding are both a pretty butter yellow and that isn't showing right at all.

This is the quilt that made itself. I had no plans to make it, but I had run out of leaders/enders, and made these nine patches while working on other quilts. Before I knew it the quilt top was done!

Since the quilt top was a simple one, I decided to add something in the quilting. I traced around some heart shaped cookie cutters (I only keep my cookie cutters because of quilting, never plan on baking with them again) and then stippled around that, making the hearts puff. It's not perfect, but I doubt the baby will care. These two baby quilts were my first attempts at continuous curves, and I can definitely see myself doing that again.
I still consider myself new at FMQ, but I am getting a little more adventurous, even if my quilting is still wobbly. I am having more fun with it now, and stressing less. I don't plan on showing my quilts, I just want them to be used, so wobbly quilting is OK for that.

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