Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saved from the Trash

I needed a smallish quilt to try FMQ on the Singer 15 I recently acquired (for a grand total of $22.50). I didn't want to use an important quilt for my test drive, and I wanted something smaller than anything I had on hand. Time to look at some UFO's and see what I could finish up quickly.
I had some leftover pieces from this quilt, that almost made it into the trash. The pieces were small enough I could not cut any more units with the Companion Angle ruler from my strip sets. I decided to try cutting the end of the strips sets with my Easy Angle ruler, and see what happened. Some of the strip sets had so little left I couldn't get that extra cut, some I could just eek it out.
I ended up making these blocks from the dregs of the strip sets from the other quilt. These blocks have been made a while, and they'd be quick to make up into a smallish quilt top. Some of my blocks spin one direction, some the other, so I couldn't set them next to each other. Hmmm, need some sashing... I had this brown, green, blue shirting fabric in stash, that I had purchased at a thrift store. Cornerstones? Yeah, this all the remaining fabric from a recent baby quilt I made. Border? I had purchased the frog paisley fabric as a remnant at a quilt shop, there was less than a yard of it. This is basically a quilt top made from discards of one type or another. I think it's pretty cute, and it will be a great trial piece for the Singer 15.
I got my Singer 15 and my Bernina back from the shops they were at. I don't have either set up yet. I decided to finish assembling a couple projects that were in my way, this being one of them. The other quilt I'm assembling is a wedding quilt I'm making from a UFO. The blocks and pieced sashing have been done for months, and it's in rows as of today. Maybe tomorrow I can get it together? It doesn't need a border, so I only have to sew the rows together to have the quilt top finished. I have some cooking to do tomorrow too, because DH has a family reunion this weekend. We'll see how much I get done. It's busy around here!

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Mary K said...

Awesome quilt for leftovers. It is the same way with cooking. I sometimes like leftovers better that the first day.