Friday, September 5, 2014

More Complicated Than It Has To Be

I have a new grandbaby on the way, due to come via C-section on September 19. DD#1 and her DH already have two boys, and just like during the pregnancies of the last two, they did not find out the gender of this one. So, a grandbaby on the way, but I don't know if it's a boy or girl.

DD#1 lives in South Africa, and I am not going for the birth, though I'd love to be there. I still haven't seen the second little guy in person. I am thankful for facebook and Skype, so I at least get to see them that way.

^I already sent a gender neutral baby quilt, elephant themed like DD#1 requested.
If the new grandbaby is a girl, I'd really like the baby to have something really girly, since DD#1 has only been able to do boy stuff up until now. I designed a quilt with the coral and teal DD#1 was partial to if it's a girl, but because it's me, it will have lots more color than that. 

This is the sashing I decided on for the "Just in case it's a girl quilt". You know what's really funny? Normally I make baby quilts pretty simple. I figure they'll be washed over and over, and something simple is best. Well, yesterday, while cutting the sashing, I realized just how simple complicated this quilt is going to be. The sashing and cornerstones alone have 840 pieces. 840 pieces? For sashing? On a baby quilt? Hmmm...add in the Dresden plates, and applique I'm planning on doing, and this NOT simple baby quilt will have over 1,000 pieces.
I will be working on this quilt until the 19th, when I find out if I need this quilt, or if I have another grandson instead. I'm hoping to at least have the quilt top done by then, because knowing me, if the baby is a boy, I'm going to set it aside, and work on something more pressing. At least if the top is done I'll have a quick finish for later. If the baby is a girl, I'm going shopping, can't have the newest princess in the family wearing all her brothers' clothes ;-)
I've got the cornerstones all sewn, and I'm working on the sashing pieces. If I get this quilt top done before the 19th, I'll be doing great, because I've got a lot of other stuff going on. DD#2 and I are throwing a bridal shower for one of my "adopted kids" here next weekend, and I've got lots to do before that happens. Right now, I'll settle for just getting dinner made!



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Andee said...

Cannot wait to see her quilt and if it is a her! Congrats Grandma!