Thursday, September 25, 2014

Plugging Along

It seems like I've been really busy, but not sure it looks like I've done much. I did get one project finished, that's been on my mind for months!
DH and I did make it to Ikea to buy these bookshelves, and I've moved almost all the books in the house onto them. The twin's books are still on the low shelves in the lower left corner of this pic, my quilting books are still in the sewing room where they'll stay, and there are still some in DH's office. Obviously, I took this pic before I put the books on them ;-) I just moved DH's books, but all of my books and general household books I went through, and got rid of a bunch. I've been whittling down our book collection for a few years now, and eventually it will be even smaller than it is now. I think once DH goes through his books, he won't have to have any in his office unless he wants them there.

After I moved all the books, I repurposed the bookshelves our books were originally on. Things are SO much neater in that area of the house now! I whittled down some stuff there too, and we had a big drop off for charity yesterday. My house feels a little lighter now!

Now that I know my newest grandchild is a girl, I need to finish her girly quilt.

I've got the sashing pieces done now, and I'm working on appliqueing the Dresden Plates. Once the Dresden Plates are done, I have a bit more applique to do before I can assemble the quilt. I'm hoping to have the quilt finished, before the wedding at our house October 11.

I am still working on the HST trimming project, but I really got into the trimming this week, and here are all the rest of the HST's trimmed to size! My Ziploc bags are empty!!!! I still need to press all of these, and trim dog ears, but I really feel a sense of accomplishment just having them trimmed. I really hope I never let leftover pieces get that built up again. Two gallon sized Ziploc bags hold a LOT of HST's!

In the next week I plan on working on Miss A's girly quilt, as well as doing some sewing for the wedding. Of course there will also be all of the normal stuff to do, plus going through the twins clothes and figuring out what they'll need for winter. It's still hot here, but I know eventually, cooler weather will prevail, and they'll need long pants and long sleeves.

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