Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dr. Who Bordered Quilt

DD#2 and I hosted a bridal shower this weekend for one of her best friends, whom I consider one of my "adopted" kids. Now that she's been given her quilt, I can show it here.

It may seem to be an odd color combination, but the bride's favorite color is blue, and the groom's favorite colors are orange and green, and those colors worked with the Dr. Who themed fabric I found for the border. The wedding will be Dr. Who themed (and in my backyard).

This photo gives you a better view of the Tardis fabric border. If you ever are looking for a very specific novelty fabric, try . This company prints fabrics, wrapping paper, and wallpaper on demand. You can design your own, or use someone else's design. A lot of people who have specific interests have designed images available for purchase as fabrics. It's not inexpensive, but sometimes you don't need a lot of novelty fabric to make a statement. I had ordered 3.5 yards of fabric to make the border for this quilt, and the only other fabrics I purchased for it were 2 fat quarters. All other fabrics were from stash, including the backing, which considering it is 110" square, buying 4 yards of fabric wasn't much.
I've had no time for sewing, nor even any time for trimming those HST's. I hope to get back to both of those this week. I'm not really sure how that will go, because I am starting a reorganizing of our book collection this week too, if we actually manage to make it to Ikea to buy the bookshelves I want. I'd like to have that project finished within the next two weeks, well before the wedding next month. I'm still waiting on the latest grandbaby, wondering if I need to finish that girly quilt, or if this one's another boy...I'll know Friday at the latest...can't wait!!!

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