Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scrap Attack

Still no sewing for me. We ended up pulling up the carpeting in my sewing room, so it was completely trashed. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting it back together. So far my green sewing cabinet with my Bernina is back in place, and my cutting table with all the stuff stored under it is in place. Tomorrow I hope to get the other sewing machines set up. For the time being, I'll just live with the ugly tile that was under the carpeting, but hopefully in a couple years we'll be able to put down indoor/outdoor carpet or something similar.

Since my sewing room has been a complete no-go, I'm continuing to work through my scraps. I hope I never let them get this out of hand again! Most of these scraps are several years old, I've been trying to keep up with the recent stuff. I've even found scraps from stuff I made in the 1990's.

See this tote with two four year olds in it? This tote was full of scraps. If that was all I had, I had waited too long, but I had a large laundry basket filled with scraps too! 

Last time I blogged, I said I was going to start on the red scraps. Here they are finished! Usable strips, selvages, and strings, much better than the mess they were before.

I decided to tackle neutrals next. I had more of those than the greens or reds. I had these two grocery sacks full. What does that many scraps look like after processing them?

They look like this! I had plenty of room in my drawer of 2" light strips to actually put these away.

Tomorrow I start tackling the black scraps, and I have about as many of them as I did neutrals. My mind is racing with ways to use all these strips. Since I am going to have so many black strips, I'm thinking I'll make at least one quilt with black as a neutral, maybe a log cabin half black/half colored scraps? Since most of these fabrics are novelties, they will make for some interesting quilts.

I am quite happy to be finally tackling these scraps. It gives me lots to play with, and relieves my mind to think that doing this huge job may not be on my to do list much longer.

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Andee said...

Oh what a feeling! Loving all that scrappy organization!