Friday, February 6, 2015

Orange You Done With Those Scraps Yet?

Here are my oranges, next in line to be cut, but not yet processed, so nope, not done yet!

Pink and purple are done. I didn't have many of either of those.

Brown and yellow are finished too!

It seemed like it took forever to cut the blacks, turns out I had more black than neutrals. Nevertheless, the blacks are finished too.

I hope to get all the orange scraps cut tomorrow, and then I need to clean up my cutting mess in the kitchen, so I can do DH's birthday dinner on Sunday. On Monday, I'll have to decide if I'm going to tackle the tote of blue scraps, or actually sew something. Right now, I'm leaning towards tackling the blue and just getting all the way finished with scraps. I have found a few more scraps that were hiding as I've been putting my sewing room back together. Some I've already processed, but a few I'm saving to process in the middle of the blues, just to give myself a break from the blue.

One thing I've been reminded of as I go through my scraps, is that my stash does not reflect my taste. The process of quilting I do for myself. I enjoy the process of creating. The quilts, although I may really like them, I usually give away. Since I'm usually making something for someone else, my stash more closely reflects the tastes of those I love than it does mine. I have the most blue fabric, thus the most blue scraps. I hate blue. I love autumn colors, of which I have few. A lot of my stash was given to me, or leftovers of a business I tried, or purchased from thrift stores. All of those things leave me with fabrics that may not be to my taste.

You know what I've decided? I've decided I am very blessed to have a stash that reflects others. I can cheerfully make a blue quilt, or do a color combination I despise for someone who loves it. Having so many fabrics that I would never have chosen for myself has broadened my creativity, opened my eyes to possibilities I couldn't have seen with a limited "me" pallette.

I've just about got my sewing room back to rights after pulling up the carpet. I've been organizing some things around the house too. We've gotten rid of a couple of big items, and so changes are happening around that. I think I've already made three donations to charities that run thrift stores this year. Now if I can just keep decluttering! I still haven't tackled the twins toys, that will really take some effort! I need to psych myself up for that!

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