Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift

DH and I spied this treadle about six weeks ago at an antique mall. I resisted the first go around. We went back to see if it was still there last week, and I resisted again. This week DH decided this treadle was my Valentine's gift, so now it's mine :-)

I've done a bit of research since the first time I found this machine, but I have not found another cabinet like this one. The cabinet is made of some really thick solid wood. The big wheel connected to the foot pedal is bolted to the wood, no upright iirons

The machine is a Husqvarna 12 series machine. I love the green color. It has a round bobbin, so easy stuff there.

The foot pedal comes up and locks in place. I'm thinking I could place my project box right in the cabinet when I'm not working on it.

Here is the foot pedal dropped down. I need to order a belt for this treadle before I can use it, and I think I'm going to try one of the belts made of tubing instead of leather.

I've started working on the blue scraps. This is my tote of blue scraps, not a huge tote, but more than any of the other colors. I will be so glad to have this huge backlog of scraps dealt with and ready to use.

In one way, I'll be sad to get back to sewing. One of our dogs was very sick, and we had to put her down this week. That dog was my sewing buddy, and she always stayed in the sewing room with me when I sewed. I will miss her, she was a great dog. Our other dog, who was her littermate, seems lost without her.

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