Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I realized I've been really bad about blogging this month. That's mostly due to the fact that most of the sewing I've been doing is for gifts. I can't post about a gift I'm making, and expect it to be a surprise.

That said, I have also been sick with a chest cold. I got sick last week, and the daughter I caught it from assures me it lasts three weeks, so two more weeks of coughing like this? I sure hope not.

In the last couple of days, I cut out two quilts. One will mostly be from some of those 2" strips I cut while dealing with scraps in January/February. The other was from some other fabrics I had on hand.

I started sewing on one of those quilts today, and here are some units going into it.


I'm not going to be able to show much more of this quilt for a while, because it is also a gift, but at this point, I don't think anyone can figure out where I'm going with it, or whose it will be. I didn't fussy cut these squares obviously. I was just working with cutting down some larger squares I already had, and since they were going on point I had to fudge a bit on where the prints are. I think it will be fine in the final project though. I used my Go cutter to cut the on point squares and corners, and boy was that fast! I needed 40 on point squares, so 160 corners, and there is no way I could have cut them anywhere near as fast with a rotary cutter.

DH and I are going away for a couple days soon, and perhaps I'll have some fun photos from that, and I also have projects going on that aren't gifts, so perhaps I'll have more to blog about soon.

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