Thursday, May 21, 2015

4 in 20

I have quilted and bound 4 quilts in the last 20 days! My left elbow is complaining about all of the quilt wrangling, but overall, I'm feeling pretty good about getting so much done.

This is the Double Four Patch I finished yesterday. I was sick of doing allover quilting patterns by the time I got to this quilt, so I quilted pumpkin seeds on the diagonals, diamonds in the inner border, and leaves in the outer border.

I still feel like such a beginner at FMQ. My quilting is far from perfect, but it was pretty fun using the piecing as my guide. I've seen some very simple quilts brought to amazing levels by the quilting. I'm not sure I'll ever get there, and most of my quilts are so scrappy the quilting is pretty lost anyway.

When I was quilting this quilt, I was really wishing I had the HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit Down model I've been drooling over. I think that following the piecing would be easier if the machine was higher and at 90 degrees. The visibility would be so much better. Someday I'd really love to get one, but it won't be anytime soon I'm sure. I am thankful I have a DSM that works well for quilting, even a king sized quilt. My shoulders and elbow would appreciate a little less quilt wrangling, but at least I can do it.

I tried a short arm on a quilting frame, and sold it within two years. The quilting frame was not large enough for most of my quilts, and even that size frame completely maxed out the space I had available. I also had a harder time sensing a problem when so removed from the quilt, so when I had to rip out stitches, I had to rip out a LOT. When I'm moving the quilt I'm more in tune with what's going on. I think a sit down long arm would be the perfect set up for me, and someday, I think I'll have one.

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