Monday, June 1, 2015

Little Projects for Little Ones

Now that my big projects are done for now, I'm working on some smaller things until we leave on our trip.

The piece of furniture I use as a coffee table is actually a vintage two child school desk. It has adjustable height legs, and two cubbies underneath. The twins often sit at it to eat, so I made the some placemats to help keep the table cleaner.

I made them three placemats each, so they can have extras to use while some are in the laundry. I took a pic of all six, but usually there are only two on the table ;-) I've been storing the extra placemats in the desk cubbies. I've already had a request for placemats from DD#1 for her kids, so it looks like I'll be making more. They are really quick to make, no piecing, just using novelty fabrics, so it's an easy request to fill.

I had hoped to make all the little ones in my life superhero capes this past Christmas, but as usual, I ran out of time. I only had two done in time for Christmas. 

I finished this Zelda-inspired cape, which I can hand deliver on our trip. I'm hoping to have the twins capes done before we leave too. I was working on one of those today, but I was interrupted, and never got back to it.

I've realized that it's these little projects I tend to put off so long. I forget how quickly something like a cape can be made, since I'm used to making huge quilts which can take months. If I just made some little things the priority, I can knock several things off my to-do list in just a couple weeks. I guess the crux of the matter is simple. I'd rather be quilting!

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