Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wondertwin Powers Activate!

You know the best thing about doing some small projects for kids? Getting to see them play with whatever you made!

Here are Mr. L and Miss S in their new superhero capes.

They just had to do the "Wondertwin Powers Activate!", even though their capes don't match the Superfriends Wonder Twins. Zan and Jana will simply have to move over and make way for these two. Instead of a space monkey, they have a puppy, but it's all good. 

In case you are wondering, I did NOT make the masks and gloves. The masks would have been easy enough, but I'm not tackling gloves any time soon. I just happened to see the masks and gloves at Oriental Trading Co, and just made their capes in similar colors. 

Since three of my grandkids live on the other side of the world, I usually just see photos of them using whatever I sent, but with the twins I see it all. 

Speaking of my grandkids on the other side of the world, DD#1 sent me a pic of her boys wearing their capes too.

I just finished making their baby sister one too, but since she can't walk yet, there's not much of a hurry to send it. All in all, I am making nine capes, with two left to finish. I should be able to finish those pretty easily tomorrow. All the applique is finished, and I have the loops and Velcro fasteners made. It's just a matter of sewing the outside to the lining, and they will all be finished!

I watched a tutorial on making pillowcases, and now I'm digging out fabrics for those. I always run out of time during the holidays, so I'm hoping to get couple holiday projects done this summer, to give as gifts at Christmas. I still have quilts to make this year, but if I can get all the pillowcases I want to make cut out, that's half the battle in my book!

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