Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Little Goes a Long Way

A few weeks ago, I posted this pic.

It shows two baskets, with some cut pieces in it. With nothing to show scale, you might think these baskets are large, with large pieces.

Here is some scale for you.

Here are those two baskets from the first pic, between my iron and my coffee mug. They aren't big baskets, and the pieces that were in them, finish at 1"x2". How big of a quilt do you think I can make only using those pieces? I wasn't sure until today. I did cut some more light fabrics, but they would have fit in the basket, I was just making the lights even with the number of darks.

I finished making these pieces into 4" blocks today. I ended up with 254 of them. I am going to use those 4" blocks, to make bigger 8" blocks, and I'll have 63 of those, with two 4" blocks to toss in the orphan bin. I can set the 8" blocks 7x9, and at that point, having used only what fit in those two little baskets, I'll have a quilt top 56"x72"! It always amazes me how far scraps go. This won't be my prettiest quilt, but the variety of fabrics in it will make it interesting.

I finished sewing up all the QST's for the I Spy quilt as well, and I finished clipping the dog ears right before I started dinner. I think I'll go lay that quilt out on the guest bed so tomorrow I can start assembling it!

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phxquilt said...

You always amaze me with how productive you are. Hats off to you!