Friday, May 13, 2016

Change of Plans

Did you ever start a quilt for someone, and decide it just wasn't the right quilt for them? Although I am happy with how my medallion quilt is coming out, the more I work on it, the more I felt like it shouldn't go to my intended recipient. On the other hand, it seemed perfect for another person. I did some questioning of the mama's involved, and I'm now using the medallion quilt for a different granddaughter than it was started for, and I'm making a fun I Spy quilt for the other granddaughter. I am feeling much better about the switch, even though it means I have to start a completely different quilt, that's due in less than six weeks.

I have two slightly different stars done for the medallion quilt now, seven of each. I'm almost done seven more.

My current leader/ender project is not likely to be stunning, and it's really just a way to use up some smaller scraps, but I'm having a blast with it. Since the medallion quilt is mostly the same fabrics over and over again, a super scrappy leader/ender project is a nice change.

I have about 30 of these blocks done now. I'm sewing up several units at the end of each chain. Sometimes I just really go for the kitchen sink kind of quilt, the kind my husband doesn't like, but I love, because each bit of fabric brings back memories of what I made with it, or where I got it, or who gave it to me. A lot of these scraps are so busy, they aren't really sticking with light or dark, but that's OK. I really just put them in different directions to put some movement in the final quilt. I have no idea how big this quilt will be, I'm just sewing these up until I'm out of pieces.

I worked out the cutting requirements for the new I Spy quilt I am starting. I did order one piece of fabric from ebay, a novelty so I could add a couple squares of something specifically requested. I keep a drawer full of 6.5" cut (6" finished) novelty squares, and I dug through it, and chose all the other novelty squares. I like 6" squares for I Spy quilts, because it's big enough to show most novelty fabrics, and there are lots of options for alternating squares when using that size. I debated sashing the squares, but decided on alternate hourglass blocks instead. I was told pink and purple for colors, so I'll do the hourglass blocks in those colors, and the I Spy blocks themselves are lots of colors. I chose the two fabrics for the hourglass blocks from stash, and I hope to get them cut this weekend, but that's iffy because we have company coming. It may have to wait until Monday.

It will be a busy weekend around here. Company coming, eye appointments for both myself and DH, some housecleaning is needed, and if I can snag a few minutes, maybe some sewing!

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