Monday, October 31, 2016

New Arrivals

So much has happened since my last blog post! DD#1 and her three kids arrived!

The cousins have been getting to know each other.

They've been great at sharing, especially at sharing the stomach bug that's going around! All five kids have had it, and now DD#3 is sick with it. Five sick kids in the house can make for some interesting times. Brings back memories of raising our five kids.

My niece got married, and she had a beautiful wedding. This is the niece who got the purple and silver quilt.

We now have a South African cat in the house. She thought she was traveling by suitcase...

...but that wasn't allowed so she came in a pet crate.

She's adjusting to life in the USA quite nicely.

Work on the home addition continues.

First some framing...

...And the start of some walls...

...the beginnings of a roof.

Weeks of work left to do, but it's well begun now. Today there was lots of jackhammering, as they get ready to add plumbing where there was none before. I am really excited about the master suite addition, and I love watching it come together. 

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