Thursday, November 17, 2016

Newest Grandson

DD#2 had her baby! I am so excited to show you pics of Lincoln James! After this, he will be referred to as Mr. LJ, since I already have a grandson I refer to as Mr. L. (Why do I use terms like DD#2 or DSIL or Mr LJ when referring to my family? The first is a privacy issue, this is my blog, and not my kids' blog, so I try to give them a certain amount of anonimity. The other is much more basic. I have five kids, four of which are married, I have 8 grandchildren. If I used their names, you'd never be able to keep track who I was talking about!)

I got to hold him when he was less than a day old!

One of the few pics of him awake!

Most of the time he's a sleepy baby!

He weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, which isn't bad for being three weeks early. He is 19 inches long. Most importantly, he and Mama are both doing well!

I know I haven't been blogging much. I mostly use this as a quilting blog, and I have had no time to sew anything! We've got nine people living here, and that alone is enough to keep me busy. Add in holiday preparations, construction on the house, a new grandbaby, and everything else that's going on, and my head is spinning!

DD#3 got a new (to her) car! Her SUV was on it's last days, and this car is low mileage, so hopefully will serve her well for several years.

The addition is coming along. The stucco will be going up on the outside soon. The electrical inspection and plumbing inspection was today, and it passed with no problems, so hopefully we'll see drywall going up inside soon!

We've remodeled several rooms over the years, but this is our first experience with an addition. SOOOO many decisions to make! I'm used to choosing paint and tile, but being asked where do you want all your outlets, how many switches do you want to which lights and such are completely new questions to me. I'm pretty stressed with all the construction going on, and I'll be so happy when it's done, but I am also getting really excited about our new bedroom. It is all coming together to be much nicer than I expected at the beginning. The electrician suggested some changes would have never occurred to me. The framer and I ended up coming up with an idea to add a second closet without taking any square footage out of the main space. The bathroom is larger than I thought it would be, that storage room we're turning into a bathroom has been so full of stuff the whole time we've lived here, I never realized how large it was. The bedroom itself is also larger than I originally thought we'd be able to have. As far as decorating goes, I'm going gray on most things, which is a little odd for me, but the shades I chose just seem restful to me. 

I'll be going up to help DD#2 care for baby Lincoln when her husband has to go back to work. Since she had to have a c-section, recovery could be slow. I am frantically trying to finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping before I go up to Phoenix for a couple weeks. I'm one stocking short for Christmas, and I'm debating trying to bring the stuff up to Phoenix and use my daughter's sewing machine to make another one. I'm already bringing some sewing stuff up to Phoenix, because she needs some Pack and Play sheets and doesn't like the ones she bought. You know you have a big family when 16 stockings aren't enough, and not even everyone will be here for Christmas!

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phxquilt said...

He's a cutie! So glad things went well. I'm doing the same as you but in reverse. I've spent one week helping DD recover from major surgery and staying in Sierra Vista for about 5 weeks with a trip up here this weekend to work our craft fair but eturning to SV on Sunday. DH swapped places with me for those 5 days. I took things to her place to sew and will take more back with me when I'm done with this. Good luck with your addition. That'll be a very nice Christmas present when it's done.