Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Getting Closer

The closer the addition gets to completion, the more antsy I get to move into it! Waiting was easier when it didn't look like a room. 

This is the ceramic tile flooring I chose for the hall and bath. It looks like wood, but it's not so it's safe for wet areas. 

DS the Younger is in town on leave, and we got him to help DH to put up the wall mural I wanted! I just might need a sound machine to play forest sounds in my new retreat ;-)

The bathroom is coming along now. The sink and vanity are in, but the plumbing isn't connected. The medicine cabinet and light are up. The towel bars are hung. Basically we are down to plumbing, carpeting, and masonry, as our chimney needs to be made three feet taller. 

We bought an electric media fireplace to place on the wall opposite the mural. DD#2 thought it was hilarious we did that. She said we put a fake forest on one wall, and a fake fireplace on the opposite wall to burn it down! I saw her point, but I told her I looked at it as luxury camping. 

It looks like it will take until the end of next week to get the addition finished, because of the holidays.

On Sunday we had all the wives and grandkids here at the house. We were missing a couple of the men, but were very thankful to have as many of the family around as we did. 

We didn't celebrate Christmas that day, because three of these grandkids are waiting anxiously for their daddy to arrive from South Africa tomorrow. DD#1 and her three kids have been separated from him for 2 months while he was waiting for his American visa to come through. Now all of his paperwork is in order, and he'll be joining them to start their new lives in the USA! We won't be celebrating Christmas until the 30th, so he'll even have some time to get over jet lag. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, no matter which holiday you celebrate!

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Katie M. said...

Beautiful family. So nice that so many can be together.