Sunday, December 11, 2016


Still no sewing in this house! Right now we've got six grandkids in the house since one of our DDIL is visiting! One two year old, two four year olds, two five year olds, and one seven year old! Let the games begin!

Who can resist a bubble machine in the backyard?

This is my living room right now. I came downstairs to blog while they are busy watching a movie!

Right now it's all about people, and just keeping up with all of that is an adventure!

We've now got a nice slab of concrete behind the addition. DH is thinking this will be a nice spot to work on his scooters!

The addition has been painted inside and out. I like the silvery gray color, and the ceiling fan is UP!

The stucco is painted now. I took this pic before they took all the paper down off the windows and brick. I chose a color as close to the siding color as I could get, that pale yellow. No more trenches though the side yard now that the plumbing is in, and they filled the huge holes in the driveway that had to be made to connect to the sewers. The addition is getting closer to being done!

I'm finished with the Christmas shopping, but I keep having to buy things for the addition. Yesterday I ordered a custom window shade, today I ordered curtains and  curtain rod. We ordered an electric media fireplace for the addition. It can hold the TV, has storage space for some DVD's, an electric fireplace to set a relaxing mood and it can be a heater or we can have the flames with no heat! We are really aiming to make a room a retreat from the chaos.

DH really wants a quilt I made on our bed, but the one on our bed currently is shredding, not to mention the fact it won't match the new room. I have one about half quilted that was supposed to be for our bed, but it's not a great match for our new room either. I give away quilts faster than I make them, so I just don't have extra quilts lying around. For now, I ordered an old fashioned chenille bedspread to go on our bed in the new room, and I'm debating on ideas for a new quilt to make for the new room. The quilt on our bed now, I'm going to cut down to throw size, and that way I can salvage most of it. It was made from fabrics I bought in Hawaii on our 25th anniversary trip. We've been married almost 33 years, so it's been on our bed for several years now. 

At any rate, I'll have to decide what look I want in our new room, and go from there on quilt design. At least I'll be thinking quilty thoughts, even without time to sew!

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