Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I have been sewing like crazy! I now have all the tops done for the five weighted blankets I am making. I've pieced two of those from start to finish this week. All the weighted blankets are UFO's, and I'll post photos when they are done.

I finished the last quarter of DD#3's wedding quilt, and I now have the center together.

This photo was taken before I sewed the two halves together. If you look really closely, you might be able to see the edges of the two halves going horizontally along the top of the bed.  I've got that last seam sewn now, but I'm waiting for tomorrow to get borders on.

I needed two baby girl quilts, which were both new starts. I cheated a bit, and made two identical quilt tops. The colors aren't photographing well, and while it looks like there is a lot of pink, most of that is actually purple.  I have very little turquoise fabric left, so I think I'll make more 3" finished HST's to go with the bonus HST's from the Flying Geese units, then I'll be able to make another quilt from all the HST's combined. There isn't enough turquoise left to bother re-shelving it. I'd rather use it up and be done with it.

My quilt tops are really piling up now! That's OK with me, and I'll be working on more quilt tops tomorrow. This weekend my plans are to quilt a UFO. Honestly, If I get all the quilts I am overdue on all to quilt top stage, and just spend the rest of the year quilting, I'd be pretty happy.

Out of the five wedding quilts I am overdue on, two are quilt tops, the one in the photo above only needs borders, another is in stripsets, and the last I decided to start over on, and today, I chose another new pattern for that! I had already chosen a pattern, but I decided it was too complex and time consuming to be practical when I am so far behind. I am making good progress on sewing right now, but I am still ultra conscious of my injury, and I just don't need any additional stress. I hate being behind, and I stumbled across a photo of a two color quilt that will be great for that last wedding quilt. It's much easier than the pattern I had picked, but it is a really nice looking quilt and I will be able to present it happily once it's done.

We aren't even two weeks into the year, and I'm already making good headway on my goals for the year. I have a lot of quilting ahead of me, and more piecing as well, but I'm making headway and that's a great feeling!


swooze said...

Love that baby quilt! What size flying geese are in it?

Kristie said...

Oh my gorgeous

Katie Z. said...

Way to go! You’re doing so well.