Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I'm doing what I can these days, but life is very, very busy. We had some out of town company that we had a great time with, their visit was just too short.

I have gotten sewing done here and there, I just finished one project a few minutes ago!

These are bookmarks, which are the favors for the baby shower I'm throwing DD#1. I decided bookmarks would be a good favor for a book themed shower. The bookmarks finish at 2x8", and there is a layer of batting in them. (Busting some small batting scraps) I'm glad these are now finished. While I was making these, I actually slipped in an extra project, and now I've got a bunch of units made for a couple other projects.

I had over cut for the baby quilts I made, but I was completely out of the blue I used. I grabbed a piece of pink, and these units used all of the pink fabric! Stashbusting little by little! I've decided I really like these 4x8" (finished) Flying Geese units. I draw an extra line on the corner squares,  and I am getting two 3" (finished) bonus HSTs, from which I could make 3x6" Flying Geese, or do anything else you can do with HST's. I could technically make 3.5" finished HSTs with my bonus units, but I don't save anything that works with that in my scrap user system, so I just go with a bigger than 1/4 seam allowance and I have more options.

I really like working with small units, as you can see by those bookmarks, but I've decided sometimes larger units are fun too. I think for donation quilts I may use those 4x8" Flying Geese a lot. The fact the bonus HST's are such a usable size, and are still bigger than most of the units I make, means I can make two donation quilts in not much more time than one!

Tomorrow I'll start sewing on DD#1's baby quilt. I don't have a lot of time before the shower, and we have three more groups of out of town company coming between now and the shower. At least I have all the other baby stuff I was making her finished, so if I can't get the baby quilt finished by April 7, I still have a gift for her, and she could get the baby quilt late. The thing is, I really want to get the baby quilt done, so I can get back to finishing weighted blankets and the wedding quilts. We'll see!

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