Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hawaii pics

    Bonnie left a comment and asked for some Hawaii pics. Of course my husband took over 600 pictures, and I wouldn't dare try to show them all. I picked a couple of  pretty scenic ones, and a few that are inspiring me for future quilts. I have really been on the lookout for striking color combinations, and nature is full of them. Of course God does good work, so His color combos would be best!
     This first picture is of Akaka Falls, the tallest waterfalls in Hawaii at 420 ft.

    This is the entrance to the Thurston Lava Tube. It's surrounded by rainforest and looks like you are entering another world. It reminds me of making blanket caves as a young child, something I hope my grandchildren do with the quilts I'll make them.

    This is one of the many floral pictures taken by DH. I love the colors!

    Another picture I chose for the color contrast. The dark background really makes the purple pop!

    My DH didn't want to take this picture, but I made him. I love the one orange/yellow palm leaf among the green ones. I didn't even notice the flower blooming until now, I just like the unexpected pop of orange. There is a quilt in this!

    I like this picture for the contrast and shadowing. It makes me want to try an art quilt.

   One of my favorite things about the Big Island was seeing all the plants growing out of volcanic rock. The beautiful growing out of the barren.

    It's not as good in pictures as it was in real life, but this was one of the brightest rainbows we had ever seen. It looks like it hits the ground just off the road. Perhaps we should have gone to find the pot of gold and wrestled the Hawaiian leprechauns for it!

   We saw this plant at a farmer's market. I have no idea what it is. I really liked the colors though.

   This little guy is just too cute! He will definitely be the basis for a quilt! Check out those colors, just amazing! I am used to seeing lizards all over, since I live in southern AZ, but not that are this brightly colored.

   I was really on a color combination hunt, can you tell? Yes, we have the typical tourist photos too, DH drinking Kona coffee, me looking out at the steam coming out of the volcano, you know the type of pics, but since this is a quilting blog, I wanted to put up some pictures that inspire me as a quilter.
    I am a little stuck as to what to work on right now. The first few days I was home I had such a nasty case of jet lag that I only caught up on housework. Now I'm doing better with that, but I have to get ready for a bake sale on Friday, DD#3 has a speech contest on Saturday, in Japanese no less, and of course Sunday is Easter. Next week I have jury duty, so whatever I start working on WILL be interrupted. I spent yesterday cutting up shirts, and today removing buttons from some more shirts. To get some sewing in, I may end up, (OH NO) ...mending!

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Carol said...

Lovely pictures. You could do some little slide shows in your side bar.