Friday, April 10, 2009

I've been busy!

   I still haven't gotten any quilting done since I got back from my trips. I did get all the men's shirts I bought cut apart. I also mended a hat and cut two pairs of pants into shorts and hemmed them for DS the Younger, and cut long sleeves into short ones and hemmed that for DS the Elder.
    For the past three days I have been busy baking! In May, DH is going on a medical mission to Ecuador, and this sale is to raise some of his support. Here are pics of all the goodies.

     In these pictures there are:
 3 batches of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies
 4 batches of peanut butter cookies
 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies
   2 loaves of apple bread
   4 loaves of banana bread
 4 loaves of honey wheat bread
 6 loaves of honey oat bread
 8 batches of cinnamon rolls
 12 batches of brownies

    All of that is homemade, no mixes used. DH did help. I made all the cookie dough, but had him bake the cookies while I packaged them. I baked all the rest from start to finish, but DH glazed the cinnamon rolls and helped with the packaging on the rest. The last two batches of brownies are cooling, and the sale is this afternoon. We are not doing a sale at church this go around, which saves me a lot of work. The last time I did a bake sale at church I sold 26 dozen cinnamon rolls in 10 minutes! My kids have gone on so many missions trips (and that is the only time I do bake sales) that people have learned what they liked and zero in on it. I hope this one raises some money for DH's first mission trip.


Stephanie Newman said...

My Goodness, well I know where to come when I fancy afternoon are a great cook it would seem. What a shame you are on the other side of the world, though, makes dropping in abit less convenient!!
Hope you raise lots of fund for your son's mission,
Stephanie in Australia

Tamela said...

Just joined the Quilters Blog list and saw your blog. I am impressed with all of your baked goods!!!! The cinnamon rolls look yummy!

I really like your Quilters Acronyms! They made me laugh!