Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Busted Mystery quilt top

    Here is my Big Busted Mystery quilt top completed. I doubt it will get quilted for at least a couple of weeks. Normally I really prefer scrappy, but I think this one would have been better if I had stayed with just a couple fabrics. I did have fun doing it though, and it has given me short breaks from all of my other projects.
    My main project for almost the last two weeks has been making string blocks. I have enough blocks made to sew into a couple of lap sized quilts. I'm hoping to get at least two if not three string quilt tops completed this week. I am still just working on the strings I have from shirts, and since I have more strings from regular fabrics than I have from shirts I'm in trouble! When you start working with strings and crumbs you'll just never run out of fabric. I think they multiply at night when I'm not looking!
     My goal is to get these shirt strings down to a manageable pile, then I will start cutting my next quilts, and the extra blocks for my Double Delight Mystery. Two of my kids moved out on Friday, so things have been crazy around here.


Stephanie Newman said...

Hey, I love your Big Busted mystery just as it is. Sometimes more is better than less,yes?
Yummy quilt you have there.thimble

Kristie said...

Very nice! I just love scrappy quilts!!!