Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three finishes

   I finished three quilts today. I used up some of that scrappy binding I just made too. These are all quilted with the same curlicue pattern.

  This snail trail quilt is 39x45 inches. ^

   This quilt made from orphan blocks is 43x49 inches. ^

   My grandbaby's cat quilt is 50x60 inches. ^  DD wanted satin binding so that's what it has. She always liked silky feeling blanket edges. 

    Here is the back of the cat quilt.  ^  I thought I had enough backing fabric, but noooooo. It couldn't be that easy. I used the rest of the border fabric and the single leftover cat body block to piece the back. It worked out well that the leftover block was purple like the binding. It almost looks like I did it that way on purpose.
     I tried to start quilting another quilt, but my tension is way off, so I had to rip it all out. I'll adjust the tension tomorrow, and try again. I didn't do enough adjusting when I changed to new thread. Hey, I used my frustration to bind three quilts, so it worked out. It's actually a good thing I did rip it out.  As was was ripping, I found a tiny hole in the backing fabric. The backing is long enough that I can move the quilt down and avoid that spot, so it was to my advantage that things worked out that way.


MaryLu said...

I love the tesselating cat quilt! Those are always so intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing.
(Mary from Quilting on a budget.)

Anonymous said...

These are lovely quilts. My favorites but only by a thread are the cat and the other swirlying pattern. I just love the motion in them. Very nice!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

These are all great! Congrats on 3 UFOs done. My fav is the cats and I think that the backing is very clever. It really looks like you did it on purpose.