Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quilts for my sisters

Now that these quilts have been given to my sisters, I can show them on the blog.

I made this quilt for my oldest sister. She loves the mountains around here, so I've been watching them for months trying to pick out colors I see in the mountains. The colors vary drastically based on weather and time of day, so I had lots of options. Our house faces north, so the quilt is supposed to show the sky as the day goes by, with morning on the top, and the last of sunset on the bottom. I'm not sure anyone can see it besides me, but it was what was going through my head when I planned it out. The cactus has cactus print fabric, which I hunted for for months! I had seen some years ago, and of course it was out of print when I decided to make the quilt. Ebay is a great source if you're willing to wait long enough almost everything comes up eventually. The border fabric has lizards on it to keep with a desert theme.
I got the pattern at It is called Scrappy Mountains Majesty there, and doesn't haven't the appliqued cactus. I think I turned this one into Desert Mountains Majesty.

This quilt is for my second sister. Her favorite colors are red and purple, and I just couldn't choose between them. I finally gave up and told her I was making her something, would she rather have it red or purple? She asked for both. This pattern is Boxy Stars, also from quiltville. This sister is an accountant, and a pretty logical person. Boxy Stars look like either stars or 3D boxes depending on how you look at them. I chose it for her because I was wanting something "outside the box" (or cubicle) for her. The cornerstones are pinwheels made with the bonus HST's from double sewing the triangles in the quarter blocks.

The first quilt looks quite a bit larger in these photos, but in reality, there is only a 2" difference each direction. I just changed locations a bit when I took the pictures. All but the borders and sashing were from my stash. Even the backings were stash. I'm pretty happy with that!


Kristie said...

I'm sure they loved them both! You did a wonderful job. Love the fabrics used in them.

ann said...

Oh my Melodie...I hope my DD doesn't read your blog...she would be asking for both!!! They are beautiful