Saturday, November 7, 2009

Split Nine Patch

I took a couple of days this week and cut out a new quilt. It will be a split nine patch and here are all the pieces. I love these little baskets, just the right size for 2 1/2 inch squares. They are available at Family Dollar.

On the left are all the scrappy blues, then the lights, then the navy blues, and lastly the pieces for the HST's. The HST's will be a navy with a light. I am already working on multiple quilts, but I didn't have anything that was really working for me as a leader/ender project. I have been making scrappy four patches, but I have no immediate plans for them, so it seemed like a bit of a waste at this point. I'm sure I'll use them sooner or later, but I really prefer using a specific project as my leader/ender. I have been wanting to try a split nine patch, and it is perfect for a leader/ender project.

This afternoon I finished the second quilt top I was working on. I cut the backings and they just need one seam to piece them. I'll need to get busy quilting those tops. Bonnie K. Hunter on Quiltville is starting a new mystery quilt, and although I'm a bit pressed for time, I'm going to attempt it. I haven't finished either of my last two mystery quilts yet, but I do work on them. I have scheduled time to finish them at the beginning of 2010, since I'd still like to get some things made for Christmas, I know I won't get them finished before then.

I had a freak accident with some mini-blinds this week. I don't know why they fell, but the mini-blinds in my sewing room fell and landed on my hand while I was rotary cutting. Thankfully, I didn't get cut, but my hand is bruised and was quite swollen for about 24 hours. It could have been much worse. I still haven't gotten the blinds back up, but right now I'm not in a hurry for that.

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