Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Ready for a Marathon

OK, if any of you were thinking running marathon, sorry, I have no athletic ability. I am however getting ready for a sewing marathon. I haven't sewn a stitch all week, which is pretty sad. I did, however, lay out three quilts to be assembled.

This is on my sewing cabinet, ready to go. I have two quilts here, ready to sew into rows. The blocks from each quilt are obviously different sizes, so it's easy to keep each quilt straight.

The rows that wouldn't fit on my sewing cabinet are here, along with the blocks for a third quilt. It will be an assembly marathon when I get to it.

The log cabin with stars quilt I am making I am still cutting out. I have all my light strips ready to go, and I have the white and burgundy squares for the stars cut as well. I was originally only doing burgundy stars, but when I made it in EQ, they just didn't show up well enough in the dark areas, I also halved how many stars there will be. EQ is great to preview quilts in, you can see what isn't working before you commit your time and fabric to a project. I am anxious to see how the design I settled on will look in real life.

I'm working on cutting the dark strips to size now. I am about halfway done with the darks. I love my June Tailor Shape cut rulers for cutting. My Accuquilt Go is great, but you just can't cut everything with it. The Shape Cut rulers really help me cut accurately and quickly.

Today I'll be cooking all day. We are celebrating Easter a day early, because DH's first day back at work after his crash is Easter Sunday. I am expecting about 20 people for dinner tomorrow, not counting the twins.

Next week is all about getting ready for the scooter rally which starts next Friday. The last few days before a big event event like this are always crazy, so I'm not expecting to get much else besides rally stuff done.

This week I had a reminder that DS the Younger graduates high school in a month, and I am so behind on even thinking of it! After the rally, I'll have to make some plans for some type of dinner or party for him.

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Katie M. said...

You may not be 'running' a marathon, but I got exhausted just reading your post! I don't know how you can lay out blocks for different quilts like that and stay organized. It's amazing! Happy Easter and glad DH is doing good after the crash.