Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I See Rally Bags!

I wish I could say I was finished the rally bags, but I'm not. I have three dozen finished, and one dozen ready for the casing to be sewn down which is the last step. Two dozen are not worked on aside from having the shredded denim sewn to the bandanna fabric. In the photo, if you look at the carpeting you can see little dark colored spots on it. Almost every surface of my sewing room is covered with those dark spots, which is shredded denim bits. My guess is it will take several vaccuming sessions to rid myself of this mess. I don't see the point of cleaning up until the project is finished.

These rally projects make me glad for my stash, and not just my stash of fabric. So far I am on my fourth spool of red thread, but I had eight in my stash so I'm still OK. I used almost 100 yards of bias tape for the drawstrings, but I had it. (I'm also glad to get rid of it, because it was not good quality. I have since found a source to buy good quality bias tape in 72 yard rolls, and I am working on getting all the colors they offer.) Yes, I have a lot of supplies stuffed into my sewing room, but I am using it all the time.

For someone who sews a couple times a year, buying the quantities of anything I have would be ridiculous, but sometimes, I just find a deal too good to pass up. I bought a couple hundred zippers on ebay a couple years ago. I spent $30 including shipping. I've used a couple dozen of them so far, and just that usage paid for the whole lot, when compared to what I would have paid per zipper elsewhere. I sew almost every day, and often for hours on end. I use a lot of supplies, and honestly, I am thankful I have them.

I'm not thinking much more than some rally bags will get done in the next couple days. DS the Elder is visiting from Texas for just a couple days, so I really want to spend some time with him.

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